Academy, College Prep and Summer Collegiate Baseball teams & training


We offer year round basebaall training at the top facilites in the Pacific Northwest. We practice over 100 days a year and expect more of our coaches than we do our players. Our approach to coaching is both data and sweat driven. Our goal is to become relentless in the pursuit of perfection, but yet never expect to achieve it.


Summer Collegiate

Ages 18+
Pacific international League
Founded in 1992, the Pacific International League (PIL) is considered by many to be the premier Summer Collegiate Baseball league in the Northwest. Sanctioned by the National Baseball Congress (NBC), most PIL players are NCAA eligible and are unpaid in order to maintain their eligibility. The PIL is different from many other summer collegiate baseball leagues in that the league also allows former professionals and college graduates to participate.

The league was formed by a core group of franchises from the previous Northwest Amateur Western International League.  Formed and federally recognized as a Tax Free Corporation, the PIL has taken great pains to insure that a community orientated philosophy is the guiding objective.  Alongside the goal of establishing the “best” amateur league in North America, an equal effort is placed on returning to our communities, and their youth, some of the support that we have received over the years. Current teams place a strong emphasis on the amateur athletes helping young players develop and in the process, realize their individual goals. The players posses a wide variety of experience. Top college athletes find themselves competing with former professional players.

Each team plays twenty (20) league games in addition to an extensive non-league schedule. The non-league competition is compriosed largely of teams from the West Coast League as well as some independent collegiate summer programs. This serves to hone the players’ skills, focus their efforts, and give them the best opportunity to further define their baseball goals.

The league is affiliated and functions under the auspices of the National Baseball Congress, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. The NBC provides the framework within which the amateur leagues function across the country. A national tournament is held yearly in August to determine a championship.

Each team is operated in a similar manner to a professional minor league team, providing players an opportunity to play under the same conditions using wooden bats, minor league specification baseballs, experiencing overnight road trips and playing nightly before fans in a stadium. Many of the Pacific International League Teams share the field at some of the most elite collegiate and minor league stadiums in Washington and British Columbia.

college Prep

Ages 16 - 18

Our college prep schedule features some of the top tournaments in the nation as well as expsure to several of the NCAA Division 1 schools in the northwest

Fall Frenzy – Marietta, Georgia
(Pefect Game National Headquarters)

Desert Fall Classic – Las Vegas, Nevada

Cabo Amigos Invitational -Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Art Wright Memorial – Seattle, WA

Palouse Summer Series – Pullman, WA
(Washington State University)

GSL College Showcase – Olympia, WA

Gonzaga Mid Summer Classic – Spokane, WA

PGBA Houston Open – Houston, TX
University of Houston

Dudes academy

12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U & 17U

Dudes academy is the heart of our program. We provide high effort coaching along with facilities and programming to encourage personal and athletic development across all ages.

We offer multiple unique opportunities in our program due to the wide range of compeition levels.

-Coaching from current college players

-Over 100 days of baseball

-40 to 50 games per team

-Trackman and Hittrax equipment owned by the Redmond Dudes

Training In an Elite Environment

Strength and
conditioning equipment

Video recording for
game analysis

Recovery & regeneration

Year-round Baseball
Field Access

Custom Programming

Diet and nutrition

become a redmond dudes host family

Would you liek ot host a collegiate or international baseball player for the summer?

We are always looking for great families looking for the experience of a life time!

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