Truex and Pino power Dudes to beat Wallbangers 3-2

MVP: Clayton Truex

The 3-5 Dudes faced off against the 0-4 Wallbangers Thursday night at Glacier Peak High School and Redmond walked away witha 3-2 victory thanks to Clayton Truex’s, league leading, 4th homerun of the year. Truex blasted a 2-run shot over the left field fence to give Redmond a 2-0 lead in the first inning.

The offense stagnated from there and Redmond was only able to score 1 more run through the course of the game. The other highlight of the game was the started for Redmond Brian Pino. Pino started the game and threw 3 scoreless innings, the third inning being an immaculate 9 pitch, 9 strike, 3 strike-out inning! Pino looked great on the mound and is poised to be a critical piece of Redmond’s pitching staff as they look ahead to the Canadian tournament series’.

The Redmond Dudes take on the Seattle Wallbangers yet again this Saturday night 7 PM at Hartman Park.

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