Dudes stumble against Merchants, 1-7

After an off day Redmond arrived again at Funko field to face the red hot Everett Merchants. Redmond slated left handed pitcher from Pepperdine University Calvin Wood to start on the mound for a 1:05 PM start on sunday afternoon. Right hander Jared Maxfield was set to go for the Everett Merchants in a pivotal game for the PIL standings.

Calvin Wood struggled early allowing two runs in the bottom of the first, but regained his rhythm and cruised through the 4th inning

19  Wood, C4.0443323.68
25Maxfield, J4.0100131.04
32  Cornett, C4.0110241.29

Redmond struggled and failed to score any runs off of Maxfield who yielded to Caden Cornett who eventually got the win. Cornett is a crafty lefthander who is a very difficult match up for left handed hitters.

Will Langan produced Redmond’s only RBI and had one walk as well to round out a solid performance.

Redmond’s bullpen proved problematic as both Ray and Chartrand surrendered a run each over one IP each.

Redmond tries to turn it around agaisnt the Seattle Studs at the University of Washington Tuesday at 6PM.

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